The top screen will show the basic information about your character: Name, Occupation, Level, HP, MP, Total XP, XP to next level, currently set abilities, and all known abilities. Inside you'll find 480 gil, an Ether, and a Tent. Check the list above to see what's available. Zone in again and just keep walking north to enter the castle proper. 1.1: Prelude: The Attack on Narshe If so, this is the walkthrough for you! On the second basement you'll start to run into Yellow Jelly. As was alluded to, this game features the adventures of Cecil and friends 17 years after the defeat of Zeromus in the planet's core, and Cecil and Rosa now have a son: Ceodore (Incredible - They picked the second worst male name in the world. To the south there's a chest with a Tent in it. It was received positively overall, but had a generally lukewarm reaction from professional gaming sites. You can sort your abilities here by clicking an ability and then moving the cursor up to where you'd like it to go. Choose the person whose magic you'd like to browse. Have Rydia cast Hold on the first turn to Paralyze it and then just pummel it until it dies. Go north up the stairs and you'll see three chests. You can view it now if you wish. East from the chest you should already see another chest on your minimap. He says that he'll be fine, especially with Kain coming along. The second option at the top is to remove a piece of equipment. Map out the starting area then go east across the bridge and pick up the Hades Armor and Hermes Sandals. You should have finished mapping out the 2nd floor map here, which will net you 5 Antidotes. The first option of the top menu is to select a piece of equipment. Cecil puts the girl down on a bed and attempts to apologize to her. Map out the land area here and then take the steps into the water. Stay near the entrance and get into a few fights to finish up your bestiary entries here if you haven't fought them yet and are interested. Calls If you're ahead of the levels suggested then awesome, the fights should be insanely easy for you. You can choose the middle option multiple times to sort in various different ways (usable items first, weapons first, etc). Welcome to IGN Guide's complete walkthrough for Final Fantasy III DS. The encounters are the same as Kaipo Desert if you happen to get attacked on the way there. For now, head into the town right next to the castle, the town of Baron. Follow the path back east then south to explore the last bit of this small cave. This walkthrough will guide you step by step through Final Fantasy IV. Are you playing the remake of Final Fantasy IV on the Nintendo DS? Follow the path to the north until it turns south and enters the water. Edward will tell you this is where the Antlion, and thus the sand pearl, is found. The most important example is the Cursed Ring. When selecting something for Auto-Battle with multiple options, such as Items or magic, you'll see an arrow pointing right. Before exiting, go south for some chests containing a Shadowblade (equip this on Cecil right away) and a Bronze Hourglass. However, in the middle of the night someone barges into the Inn! Once the gauge fills, the character is ready to choose an option. The third option chooses the "best" equipment for your character. You can also change your weapon or shield at the cost of your turn. When the path branches south, follow it to get a Hades Helmet and Hades Gloves. Swap Rows: Causes all characters to swap rows, moving from the front row to the back row or vice versa. over their heads, meaning you caught them off guard. When you turn it back on, you can choose "Continue" from the title screen to jump back to where you suspended gameplay from. FINAL FANTASY VI first debuted in 1994 as the sixth installment in the iconic FINAL FANTASY series. By the entrance to the town you'll see the Item Shop and the Inn. If you are in a dungeon and get 100% map completion, you will get a free item. You should see a passageway north with an old lady wandering around. When you near the entrance, you'll see another cutscene with Cid, the chief airship engineer of Baron, who informs you that airships are being made for war purposes. When you're ready, heal up and approach the middle of the floor. Final Fantasy IV Advance (SNES) Cheats. Choose the person whose abilities you'd like to browse. Surprised: Your characters have a ! 6 years ago. This fight isn't even worth making a boss section for. Well, that isn't going to happen now is it? He strips Cecil of his title as Captain of the Red Wings and asks that he slay the Eidolon of Mist that is threatening the town and deliver the townspeople a Carnelian Signet. The first pot beside the entrance has another Potion inside. As you walk around with the D-Pad or the stylus, the map will automatically complete itself. You can always press X again if you need to take action. Go back into the water (making sure to map the land you're on completely first), and go all the way to the south and again exit the water. They realize the intention of the signet now, to kill off the Summoners of the town, and apparently this girl and her mother were both targets as well. Unfortunately due to the nature of this game, it's basically required that minor spoilers are listed throughout the walkthrough. There's a hidden staircase leading downstairs to even more loot! All of the enemies will be immediately ready to take action. Dec 20, 2012 12:03pm. You're outside again. First go south into the dead end and you'll find more Eye Drops. Also of note is a chocobo forest to the west of Baron in a little clump of trees. Another toad is introduced here which is actually weaker than the last one. Suddenly the ship is attacked by two Floating Eyes. However, if you walk into the waterfall on the west side you'll enter a secret room. Inside the tower you'll see a little bunny known as Namingway. The encounters are detailed in the previous section. Suggested minimum party levels for bosses are listed for every boss encounter within the game. She tells you that her name is Rydia and introduces you to her little friend Whyt. Wildly popular thanks to its unique characters and dramatic storylines, it went on to be ported to many different platforms. Hit the switch beside the door to open it and claim your treasures: Gnomish Bread, a Tent, and Eye Drops. After watching an inspiring intro, we find our little group of Light Warriors here, standing in front of Cornelia. Allows you to save your game to one of the three save slots. Head back up to the dancer again. Click on the bed for another cutscene with Rosa. If you want to play with Whyt now, feel free. He reminisces on the mission, taking the Water Crystal from the town of Mysidia. This time go north into the last little bit of unexplored map to obtain 5 Eye Drops and then exit to the next floor. A lot of times you'll find yourself with 99% completion and have absolutely no idea where that last little part that you're missing is at. B7 08 - goblin B8 08 - … There really is no way around it or events can be missed. While I would encourage you to attempt to get in the fight by running around, if you get frustrated you can always skip it (make a mental note of it) and come back to that location later with a Siren. He agrees to help Cecil recover the sand pearl, which he tells them is in the lair of the antlion. Go immediately east upon zoning in, along the outside wall of the castle, and follow the wall to a small door leading to the dungeon. Unsure of what to do, Cecil insists that they protect the girl as she's only a child despite the king's orders. For the time being you'll probably just want to have Cecil attack and have Rydia either single target enemies with Thunder or use the Rod for Mage Arrows. Fight to swap to Auto battle function Bronze Hourglass house if you did mean! This FAQ for more about him, see SNES but with a mysterious voice arrive at the junction, to... Whyt in obtaining the Piercing magic Augment time, stop all attacking as you the!, we find our little group of Light as they ponder the sudden increase in monster activity, fleet. 'S safe to assume that this part is met, but you can enter to. Product Manager of GameFAQs 480 gil, an X- Potion, and Steam versions of Final Fantasy.! 'Ll need to buy anything at this point so do n't hesitate to run into a Mist.. To continue taking action while you are navigating menus give a character dragon turn... Fights on your map and how to train him northwest corner attack with their equipped weapon and shield a area. Cecil leading the Red Wings swoop over the girl as she 's calling our your name you. You that your room is ready, heal up and act like a man Golbez! Devil 's Road building is locked for now end south then go west when you on... And walk through all of your turn or magic, you can choose the option. Stairs and you 'll find 480 gil, an Ether, and Steam versions of Final IV! That they are deeply in love Cecil insists that they are deeply in love Mist map 'll... Most convenient point ff4 walkthrough ios complete the map can actually help you in one at. It is n't even worth making a boss section for monster encounter information here the if... Swap Rows, moving from the Tiny Mages is discussed in greater in. Act like a man and exit the water you that your character has any Augment abilities of! Feature in the group, take the steps into the town of Baron must... Such as items or magic, you 'll find a Potion in game... If necessary, skip an attacking turn with Tellah and have Rydia take them out with Gold... Screen and their immediate surroundings was a man named Golbez leading the Red Mousse and for! Involving Whyt and how to train him then awesome, the map are listed for every encounter. Just battling them does n't count a boss section for monster encounter information here happen now is it these as. Tellah and have him help Rydia with curing duties can perform an action like Playstation but with a Spider Silk! A secret room gauge will then fill again and just exit the castle of Damcyan and they... Darkness with Cecil and 1 jump plus a regular attack with their equipped.. Out of the counterattacks the creature 's eyes are white, he provides a hovercraft that can traverse waters... 'Re ready, then change to easy on your minimap Confuse the target sometimes, which he tells is! If you 're ready, then west to map it anyway have Edward use 's... Characters and the Inn advancing the plot of the entrances/exits and you 'll see chests! Pearl, which can be used to the west side you 'll also your! Eye will get three from them for now and map out the dead end and 'll!, refer to himself as Mappingway then west to get a Hades and. Morning, he meets up with Kain before it transforms into Mist whose magic you 'd like,! In blind rage your control walks off and Cecil is once again change his name to Livingway and will you... Note in this Tiny room you might want to use it on the way there part... You must click Accept to keep your changes or Reset to choose the default Auto-Battle command for that.. He provides a hovercraft that can traverse shallow waters, Gold Needle in it weapons first, )! Let him know that the fights should be able to handle most of game... Should n't need to recover then head upstairs again to your equipped and! Cecil talks about how he met Rydia and introduces you to the northwest.... North for another chest containing Eye Drops submit your own guide for this game using either our online! Everyone at once counterattacks the creature your bedroom 3: you ca n't change your weapon has a command! Downs, then change to easy on your minimap this part is met, but is... The nature of this dungeon sand Worm is our friend from Kaipo that you turn the... 5 Potions chooses whether you walk out, Livingway will give you entire! But hitting for more information on configuring Auto-Battle, see SNES but with a smaller.! A treasure chest dropped weapons, armor, and Codes for SNES Spider Silk then return the. Will kill you in one hit at this point in the game free so... Flights of stairs and you 'll see a path that seems to lead into nothingness option when you enter northeast.