A generator is not something you should buy on an impulse. It has splendid portability, with its sturdy and sleek 4 wheel design, supported by handles on the upper side. G enerac has come out with a new line of portable inverter generators and they’ve asked us to review the IQ3500.The IQ3500 is marketed as a powerful 3000 watt generator with up to 3500 watts of starting power. Unit price / per . Buy the PREDATOR 3500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator (Item 63584) for $699.99 with coupon code 30265763, valid through June 30, 2020. Get the price, rating and features in Predator 2000 generator review here. Unlike its rival, the Honda EU3000iS is furnished with a fitted fuel gauge to timely observe the fuel … The inclusion of wheels into this generator makes it a helpful attribute on the model. Differences Between Predator 3500 Vs Champion 3400 Utilities. The arrestor used by Predator might be effective, but does it meet the Federal or SAE requirements. It’s capable of lasting for as long as 11 hours and is touted as being the perfect choice for RVing, camping, outdoor concerts, as well as emergency setups. If you are looking for a quality generator, this is it. With a wattage rating of 4000 peak/3200 running watts, it can run for as long as ten hours which is more than enough to provide you power just in case power outages occur or when you’re spending the night at campsites. Even with just a 2.5 gallon gas tank, it can get up to 11hr of runtime at 50% draw, due to the inverter technology. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Predator 3500 Super Quiet Inverter Generator, Red at Amazon.com. Another great advantage this generator has is its fuel-efficiency because it never needs 3 … They may also contain some four-letter words that aren’t “tool” and other content that’s not appropriate for children. A lot of Predator 4000 generator reviews are positive as well. Predator 3500 Generator Review; Predator 2000 Generator Review; Share this post: Twitter Facebook Pinterest LinkedIn Email. The Predator 3500 (63584) is a compact, quiet portable generator. About Michael Sanders. While the Predator 3500 watts won’t be sufficient for powering your home, it’s an excellent inverter generator for a planned outdoor event.. 3500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator. The Predator 3500 Portable Inverter Generator. Regular price $99.99 Sale price $99.99 Regular price $159.00 Sale Sold out. Predator 3500 Review. Specs Both the Predator 62523 and the Honda EU2000iT1A1 are rated for 1,600 watts, or a 2,000-watt surge load. Learning how to prioritize which appliance or item needs power is helpful for your own convenience. If you feel the Predator 2000 can handle your needs, you don’t need to pay … No … Predator 3500 Gen Review: Green D: RV Systems & Appliances: 9: 09-06-2018 10:49 PM: Generator: Predator 3500 or Champion 4000? I would purchase a quality Yamaha inverter generator that comes with a full 3 year warranty. The big draw is Generac claims it is 40% quieter than a Honda. This review is based on our real life experience in our Transcend 29TBS. Harbor Freight Predator Inverter generator project to add remote on the choke actuator placement or draw out the wiring diagram yet. I bought this to replace my Honda eu2000i. Read … The Predator 4375 (63960) is a compact open frame portable generator with a rated wattage of 3500 W and a starting wattage of 4375 W. ( Read full specs ) 7.4 4 User Reviews Write a review Yes, I read that in the Predator 3500 manual. Both the Predator 3500 and the Honda EU3000iS are equipped with an easy-to-use data monitor. There is a 212cc engine producing 6.5 horsepower. The generator is also parallel compatible and can provide well over 10 hours of run time. Designed and produced by Harbor Freight Tools, Predator 4000 is one of the best RV generator models on the market. The Honda would push the 9000 BTU AC in my Lance trailer, but it was near top … We think you’ll enjoy these customer-made YouTube videos about our products. The Predator 3500 … Predator 3500-Watt Inverter Portable Generator. But the Predator manual or web specs failed to specify the particular spark arrestor used with the Predator 3500 is "USDA Approved". The Predator has a few issues. Review of Predator 3500 Generator: This generator has numerous features in common with the generator reviewed above. It’s a powerful generator, which sets up simple, and has a heavy-duty construction. He's worked on both commercial and residential projects throughout … This is an air-cooled OHV engine. Predator 3500 starts at 3500 Watts and runs at 3000 Watts while its opponent, the Champion 100263 3400-Watt has starting Watts of … Predator 3500 is a generator from the Predator series. The 3500 predator generator packs a mean kick with its 212cc air-cooled, OHV gas engine. CODES (3 days ago) The Predator 3500 is a medium-sized inverter generator that is powered by fuel and manages a surge load of 3000 watts. All of these properties, including drawbacks, will be discussed in this Predator 3500 generator review. On the other hand, it is also more expensive. In fact, it has superior features too. This super quiet generator will help you to power small and medium home appliances as well as medium workshop tools. It’s a step up from the predator 2000 we reviewed earlier on, and a predecessor to the Predator 4000, which we shall review later.. Like all the Predator models, the Predator 3500 is a super quiet model that offers durability and portability of the smaller models. It also includes a 30-amp outlet, while also including a 12-volt output making it convenient to charge batteries or other small electronics. Customer Reviews. That is why you will often turn to the different reviews you can find on the Internet and even the different brands and models. Viewing the Predator 3500, there is a data center attached outside the machine with a view to quickly supervising the power generation. All things … Right now as of 05/09*2020 the list price for a Predator 3500 is 899.99, that is a lot of money for a low quality generator that only comes with a 90 day warranty. The wrong generator can be hazardous so it is important to get all the specifications right. It also comes with an efficient design that allows it to produce more power while consuming a little fuel. Based on 8 reviews Write a review. See the coupon for details.Compare our price of $699.99 to Honda at $2019.00 (model number: EU3000iS1A). Predator 3500 Inverter Generator Review Product OverviewWhile there are many inverter generators available, the Predator 3500 inverter generator mages to keep up Page [tcb_pagination_current_page] of [tcb_pagination_total_pages] Even when it comes to your RV, it can probably provide all the power you need. The Predator 3500 generator offers up 3500 starting watts and 3000 running watts which is a great range for just about any residential and smaller commercial use. Pros and … We are going to cover the good, the bad, and everything in between. In this Predator 3500 Inverter generator review, we take a look at what at a first glance seems to be an ideal generator. The predator generator 3500 features advanced inverter technology that ensures it is super-quiet and can produce power that is safe with sensitive electronics. On top of my list is the Predator HF 4000 Peak Generator which guarantees to make your life much easier. We hope … Whether you are an ordinary homeowner or a camping enthusiast, it’s useful to have a quality power generator around. Surely, it could be quieter, but the generator has an excellent performance and is incredibly lightweight. It provides 3500 watts and is highly fuel efficient. Get it, and instantly make it easy to manage power … The Predator 3500 produces 3500 watts … In this review of the best and worst inverter generators, Consumer Reports says these newcomers to the generator market … If you are in the market then you need to read to the end of this Predator 3500 watt generator review. I just finished my first round of testing my new Predator 3500 inverter generator. The Predator 3500 can be used as an emergency backup, an RV generator, or for tailgating. Taking a closer look at the Predator 3500, you will notice that the command center is front and center. Topic: Harbor Freight Predator 3500 Generator Review and Fuel Use: Posted By: d_dubya on 03/21/18 03:01pm Hi everyone. The Predator 3500 is an inverter generator that is made to be super quiet. Antenna ... you reach to the key fob on the night stand and start up the generator. With the Predator 3500 inverter generator review, you are sure of starting in a good place. Predator Super Quiet 3500 Watt Generator Buying a portable generator is a good thing, but it can be difficult to find the one that will work best for your needs at times. Features of Predator 4000 Watt Generator Engine. Predator 3500 Inverter Generator Review. Michael Sanders is a Master Electrician with over 30 years of professional experience. It is also a very quiet generator. It comes with a starting wattage of 3500and a rated wattage of 3000 Watts. So, we have reviewed it here. Predator watt generator review generator transfer switch wiring predator generator wiring-diagram predator generators spark. We decided it was time to pick up a generator. A 3500-watt generator is also ideal if you need to power up lights and a few other items while you are camping. The Predator 3500 Inverter Generator is our pick for the best predator generator you can buy. The first difference between the two units is the starting and running power, which you can tell by looking at the names. Bucky1320: MH-General Discussions & Problems: 8: 08-07-2018 09:58 PM: Predator 3500 Inverter or 2 predator 2000 in parallel: jzaldivar: RV Systems & Appliances: 4: 07-17-2018 12:06 PM: Harbor Freight Predator 3500 … It’s packed with features and a good amount of power making it suitable for almost any use. Inverter Generators. Plug & Play Remote Start & Stop Kit for Predator/Powerhorse 3500 Inverter Generator. They’re independent, uncut and unsponsored. Predator 3500 Watt Inverter Generator Problems. So you won’t have to buy any additional coolant for the machine. Have a look at our best predator generators to know more about them. If you need more than 2000 watts power but working with two different units seems like hazard, you can try Predator 3500. This highly advanced inverter generator is capable of producing a tremendous amount of power using the advanced inverter technology. The 3500-watt generator can conveniently power up a few lights, fridge, freezer, AC, etc. This Predator unit is gasoline-powered and rated for 1600/2000W running and surge wattage. For fast and smooth starting of the engine, it comes with an electric starting system. This design makes it a breeze to push the 3500 easily along on a camping trip or at any kind of party or tailgating event. Looking for a back-up generator for your home or a smaller portable generator for camping or work sites? Save $1319 by shopping at Harbor Freight.Meet the Predator 3500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator. How loud is the Predator 3500 Super Quiet Inverter Generator by KevCentral. The Predator 3500 watt inverter generator has a compact shape and is portable. That's how I knew it had a spark arrestor.