Other than that, the dye can be used as a stain on unfinished wood and wicker, or use on an antique or stencil. Don’t forget, no matter the leather item you want to dye, dyeing leather isn’t too complicated. Leather & Shoe . Last but not least, dying is a good way of recycling which is helpful to the environment. Secondly, carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions and avoid messing up too much. Fix holes, tears, scratches, thin or worn spots. Leather World offers trade discounts to the professional leather restoration industry. R&D is continuously working and will soon release new types of leather dye. These colors are white, brown, aqua, or shades of blue. Cleaning: Deep clean and condition leather surface, refresh its appearance, retouch minor scuffs and discoloration. Keep this in mind; there are also other great methods that Make your Leather Soft which ensures your leather material remains durable for longer. If you're considering bringing your upholstery back to life, you should contact ReLeather; they've been achieving outstanding results for decades. How do I do that, you may ask? In these categories you will find the right product according to the goal you're looking to achieve. Quite often the bolster on the car seat is worn or damaged. Craft leather dye oil based professional Veg Tan leather dye various colours. An easy quality leather dye, it is designed to be used on leather, fabric, or synthetic surfaces. Similarly, these slipcovers can help keep scratches and unsightly marks hidden... 06. Tip for Selecting Color: If you are unsure of your vehicles interior color, call your local dealer parts department and … These basically include: The difference between leather dye and leather paint is that leather dye is known to go through the fiber of the leather forming a chemical bond. Leather Colour Restorer, Balm, Dye Car Interior Seats Sofas Handbags Shoes 15ml . Professional Supplies & Training Professional Leather Supplies and Training. 118ml (toutes les 29 couleurs)/Penetrating Dye/Alcohol Dye/Gourd Dye/Leather Dyeing CraftnTools. Angelus Brand Leather Dye w/Applicator 3 ounces. Moreover, this kit is available at a pretty affordable price so you can get it without breaking the bank. Furthermore, the colors are also perfect for using in floral, pictorial, and figure coloring. The dye is meant to be used for dyeing vegan leather shoes, belts, boots, handbags, saddles, athletic equipment, and many more. Other than that, apart from being a highly pigmented dye, it spreads through the leather without putting any scratch on it. For instance, you can mix yellow and blue to get a shaded green belt or purse. £3.95. Just as mentioned above, there are many types of dyes but not all share the same specifications. Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. This means once you dye the leather it’s impossible to un-dye it. High end brands are their specialty so no need to worry about your favorite leather items, they will be like new again! Made from a high-quality premium formula, GRIFFIN Leather dye has a rich formula that goes through the leather and permanently changes its color. Known to work best on several fabrics such as cotton, linen, ramie, or rayon, the dye basically locks in color to reduce fading, or bleeding. Shoe & Leather Dye. Although you can make your own leather dyes, most leather dyes are premade and are for sale at good prices and high quality. Latex or nitrile gloves to avoid getting all over your hands and clothes. This will ensure you apply the yellow dye smoothly on the surface. Quick view. With the 8 ounces having a spray bottle applicator, you will easily be able to spray the dye fixation on the dyed fabric. We collected all the information, then we designed a leather dye products range called MAXCRAFT, divided in three different category:Dye, Topcoat and Aid. Keep in mind; it can also be used on any smooth suede material. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, Contact us here or talk to our professional leather dye expert at 1-833-288-6393. Note that, one way to choose the best is by checking the list of dyes different manufacturer’s offers. De la boutique CraftnTools . Remove any dust or dirt that is on the leather using a cloth and soapy water. Keep in mind, when using yellow dye to color your item; it is best you put first down a coat of white dye. What this method does is shield the tied areas of the material to get any dye in it thus producing unique patterns. This list is meant to help you know which leather dye is ideal for your material and the pros and cons of using it. For expert leather upholstery colour change, LeatherGuru are the pro’s, covering Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, London and the surrounding areas.