The Deschutes County Board of Commissioners (Board) will hold a public hearing on March 4, 2015 at the Deschutes Service Center, starting at 10:00 a.m. to consider legislative … 18.08.030. Click to see every zoning map and zoning code in Deschutes County. 93-59) Article 3. This code is typically adopted and amended every three years. The property is located in a Surface Mining Zone, subject to Chapter 18.52 of the Deschutes County Code (DCC). Amend the Deschutes County Code Title 18, Chapters 18.16 (EFU Zone) and 18.36 and 18.40 Forest Use Zones to be in compliance with State Law. Check out Chapter 15.10. 18.08.040. Home About; Home > 20 > 18. Title 15 - Buildings & Construction (See Chapter 15.10 and make sure you look at the 3 figures) Title 18 - County Zoning (See Chapter 18.84 LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT COMBINING - LM ZONE) Learn about Public Records, including: Where to get free Deschutes County … 0 events, 15 . PROBATION; 18 U.S. Code SUBCHAPTER B — PROBATION. Amend certain definitions and adding definition of room and board arrangement. NS-2016, 2006] ... the Deschutes County Surveyor and this code. Conditions of probation § 3564. 323 pp. session on May 11th focused on the zone change map exhibit and amendments to Deschutes County Code (DCC), Chapter 18.96 and changes to the zoning map. Section 417.839 - [Repealed]Limitations on county's authority Section 417.842 - [Repealed]Reports to Legislative Assembly; legislative committee to monitor resources, provide forum and advise county Make your practice more effective and efficient with Casetext’s legal research suite. Close. The proposed text amendments will affect the following chapters of the Deschutes County Code: Title 17, Subdivisions Chapter 17.24. 18.08.010. SENTENCES; Subchapter B. Title: Exhibit B Chapter 18.08 - BASIC PROVISIONS Author: Valued Gateway 2000 Customer Created Date: 12/17/2019 7:03:21 PM All development in the SR 2-10 1/2 zone is subject to compliance with Deschutes Development 11 Code (DDC) Chapter 19.20. Population and Races. 01/18/2021 - 12:00am. The Deschutes County Democratic Party holds regular meetings on the second Thursday of every month. Find other city and county zoning maps here at ZoningPoint. Chapter 18.88 RURAL RESIDENTIAL ZONE, R-5. Paul Blikstad, Senior Planner . 1978 (1983 Ed. Spokane County Page 300-1 Definitions Zoning Code Chapter 14.300 Chapter 14.300 Definitions 14.300.000 General 1. Chapter 4.3 SUBDIVISIONS, PARTITIONS, ... the final step is the City’s review and approval of a final plat and recordation of the final plat with Deschutes County. Chapter 18.08 EXHIBIT B TO ORDINANCE 2019-018 1 (x/2019) Chapter 18.08. Your search has been saved × You can find it under the "Advanced Search" pane. 18.88.010 Uses permitted outright. + Title 18 ZONING – ORDINANCE LIST AND DISPOSITION TABLE. RURAL SERVICE CENTER - UNINCORPORATED COMMUNITY ZONE . WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners directed the Deschutes County Community Development Department staff to initiate amendments (Planning Division File No. ��ZA���5�k���u|��!d�ur����]e�,�0;.��9��g �}V�k�(����o���k'o� �:�!%�`����F=�/)� $����ٛ���9�s���UF�Y뢗qT��|vTL�v��&r#��|!������]V�P[�4�K�(��n�j �n��扩KM�����q�dٝWv2F�֏�S%�4Y�OP�yPLC��m�h�j��6�r����Y���C�$�(Ch���8H�A��'2y6�xLb�?|���������ɷ�. Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act Compliance with the Religious Land Use and … (Ord. x��[mo7� �a?J@�^r�����Z4m��ݹ���ۭ# ��6�C��73$�/��*�!�-�rșg��gH����p�aX�/�8}y8���Mvu�j{8l?�|z�i�>}7��o���v��٫�����g�oD��}�]~x�Ld�Y+�BVY�������Y��⯯�?�Z�-���Rt�a)��n�,KQ.��m��ٲ_x��O�?7˟��o�? 0 events, 16 . Bookmarks supplied by UO. This is the fourth publication of the original code. 18.88.090 Wildlife policy applicability. 0 events, 18 . A new manufactured home/recreational vehicle park, subject to Oregon Administrative Rules 660-004-0040(7)(g) that: 1) Is ~n property adjacent to … TITLE, PURPOSE AND DEFINITIONS Chapter 18.08. deschutes county assumes no liability for any decisions made or actions taken or not taken by the user of this information or data furnished hereunder. Public Schools. Captured April 9, 2008. Title 18 of the Deschutes County Code, the County Zoning Ordinance: Chapter 18.04, Title, Purpose and Definitions Chapter 18.16, Exclusive Farm Use Zones (EFU) Chapter 18.32, Multiple Use Agricultural Zone (MUA10) Chapter 18.96, Flood Plain Zone (FP) Chapter 18.128, Conditional Use Title 22, Deschutes County Development Procedures Ordinance I-II, 2000-2002 (2 volumes); Deschutes County Comprehensive Plan [Deschutes County Ordinance 81.043-Subdivision and Partition], 1981 (1 volume). Community; City of Bend; City of La Pine; City of Redmond; City of Sisters; Crook County; Jefferson County; Column 4. 1 event, 19 . 18.88.020 Conditional uses permitted. Amateur Radio. TITLE, PURPOSE AND DEFINITIONS 5.1.a Packet Pg. <> Imposition of a sentence of probation § 3563. Social time starts at 6:30pm, regular business […] 0 events, 15 . 18.08.030. 18.88.060 Limitations on livestock. Lane Code Chapter 18 - Ambulance Service Area Plan Lane Code Chapter 19 - Lane County Designated Free Speech Area Time, Manner and Place Provisions Lane Code Chapter 20 - Exercising Emergency Powers During a Disaster ICC Digital Codes is the largest provider of model codes, custom codes and standards used worldwide to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures. By way of background, Chapter 18.52 is part of the county's implementation of Goal 5, the statewide planning goal concerning protection of natural resources and conservation of scenic, historic, and open space resources. The revised staff report and exhibits are attached reflect these proposed amendments. TITLE & ESCROW SERVICES COME HERE FOR A CLEARER VIEW. SUBMITTED COMMENTS Two letters were provided to the Planning Commission on May 11th. Column 1. 1 event, 19 . 2xx Sunriver Police 3xx Bend Police 4xx Redmond Police 8xx Black Butte Ranch Police 9xx Deschutes County Sheriff Corrections 10xx Deschutes County Sheriff Units. Amend provisions for medical hardship dwellings and provide for a … 18.08.040. Bend Parks & Rec Board Meeting . 0 events, 17 . Clear Search First Hit Prev Hit Next Hit Prev Doc Next Doc. Basic Information. The city of Bend Subdivision Ordinance, No. For example, a search for fish would also find fishing. Sections: 18.88.005 Purpose. Visitors/Recreation; Central Oregon Visitors Association; Visit Bend; Visit Redmond ; La Pine Chamber & Visitor Center; Sisters Country; Interactive Bikeways Map; How Do I. + Title 18 ZONING – ORDINANCE LIST AND DISPOSITION TABLE. Compliance. Wenn Sie bei uns Fragen aller Art haben, kontaktieren Sie unserem Team gerne! stream Ord. 0 events, 17 . See all zip codes in List View or use the map below to review. Revocation of probation § 3566. Code Publishing Company. ABOUT US Helpful Tools: Estimated Closing Costs & CC&Rs We serve Central Oregon. 18.88.050 Dimensional standards. 18.08.040. Chapter 18.08 EXHIBIT B TO ORDINANCE 2020-001 1 (1/2020) Chapter 18.08. Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act . C. Standards for Installation and Operation of Outdoor Lighting. County Budget; County Code; Maps/GIS; Column 3. DESCHUTES COUNTY CODE Title 17, the Deschutes County Partition Ordinance Chapter 17.08, Definitions and lnterpretation of Language Chapter 17.22,Approval of Tentative Plans for Partitions Chapter 17.24, Final Plat Chapter 17.36, Design Standards Chapter 17.44, Park Development Chapter 17.48, Design and Construction Specifications Title 18 of the Deschutes County Code, the County … Note: Every ZIP Code has a single ACTUAL City Name assigned by the US Postal Service (USPS). Fuzzy searching will find a word even if it is misspelled. B Chapter 18.65: f. Ex. The Central & Eastern Oregon Chapter serves Baker, Crook, Deschutes, Grant, Harney, Jefferson, Morrow, Umatilla, Union, Wallowa counties & Warm Springs Reservation. <> Many Public Records are available at local Deschutes County Clerks, Recorders, and Assessors Offices. 18-3.3 Emergency work. endobj %PDF-1.5 2011 OREGON RESIDENTIAL SPECIALTY CODE 4-1 > 1 M:\data\CODES\STATE CODES\Oregon\2011\Residential\Final VP\04_Oregon_Res_2011.vp Monday, May 02, 2011 12:18:41 PM Color profile: Generic CMYK printer profile Composite Default screen As the school year comes to an end and families start planning summer vacations, Deschutes County prepares for the 2015 wildfire season. 6 Petitioner applied to the county for approval of a 10-7 lot subdivision on a 30-acre site outside the county's urban 8 growth boundary (UGB) in the county's suburban low-density 9 residential zone (SR 2-1/2). Detailed information on all the Zip Codes of Deschutes County. 18.08.010. Permits . If you have questions about the Thurston County Codes, please contact: Amy Davis at (360) 786-5440.