Vendor and buyer can do direct deal if they have the capacity to do so.

If user have no capacity to do direct deal, user can always seek Real Estate Agents services available  in the application too.


The application automatically matches your with the best option and saves your time and money.


This application is free to all general user and real esate agents.

About Us

Often dissatisfied with public transport? Don’t know how to vent your frustration constructively in the heat of the moment?

GrumpNow is a free mobile app that gives passengers a way to quickly, easily and constructively vent their frustration about public transport, for example a delayed train, a broken bus or even a cancelled airplane.

GrumpNow empowers the passenger, builds transparency through social media, and makes data available – all of which give the transport operator actionable insight to make informed decisions and improve services.

GrumpNow is available on Google Play and the App Store.

How it works

Passengers select their journey and anonymously vent their frustration. All that’s needed is where they were travelling to and from, with whom they were travelling, and a reason for complaining.

A comprehensive list of complaints, such as overcrowding, dirty conditions, poor Wi-Fi connectivity and antisocial behaviour, enables passengers to grump about issues that typically they wouldn’t be bothered to formally complain about.

When 3 passengers grump the same complaint, for the same journey on the same day, a notification is tweeted directly to the transport operator.

Not only does this provide real-time transparency, so that other people can see where problems may exist, but it also makes it so much harder for the operators to ignore. An operator that doesn’t respond to one person may well feel obliged to respond to many!

Why Agent NearBy

Reasons public should use this app

    • People with capacity can do direct deal without going through real estate agents.
    • People can engage real state agent’s services.
    • People can follow their favourite agents and explore their listing and news easily.
    • People can generate 1-page marketing brochure in PDF or Jpeg format for marketing purposes

Reasons Real Estate Agents should use this app

    • Agents can find buyer or seller directly on the application.
    • Agents can find represented buyer or seller from other real estate agents.
    • Application has incredible auto matching function that offer your listing a perfect match.

Key Benefits

  • Immediate gratification

    Quickly, easily and anonymously vent your frustration about bad journeys.

  • Effortlessly share

    Effortlessly share (optional) your dissatisfaction via social media, e.g. Twitter. The message is even written for you to make things easy!

  • Stay informed

    Stay informed about of real-time transport problems and contribute to live discussions on Twitter.

  • Maintain

    Maintain a personal record of your bad journeys.

Key Facts


It’s FREE to download the app and grump

Users can grump 5 times a day, and twice on the same journey

User details (e.g. name and email) are not shared with transport operators or published on the app

Only when the user decides to share their Grump via their own social media account (optional), might their identity be disclosed

Available on App Store and Google Play

The app is available on iOS and Android.  Please download the app now.

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